Ink Wash and Literati Painting

   The elegant and esoteric form of calligraphic writing employed by ancient Chinese artists slowly evolved into a form of expression known as Shui-mo Hua, or the practice of using shading of light and dark pigments to produce detailed artistic works. Ink Wash From the roots of the earliest forms … Continue reading

Chinese Brush Painting

Chinese brush painting is an ancient and beautiful technique that has influenced the art of painting and calligraphy for thousands of years. Contemporary Chinese brush work combines many different time honored calligraphy and ink wash techniques to create a unique and beautiful result. In addition to painted representations of natural … Continue reading

Chinese Painting Techniques

Chinese painting is one of the oldest forms of painting traditions in the world today, and been known as Guóhuà, which means “national” or “native”. In the past these traditional paintings followed similar techniques as calligraphy, as they use brushes dipped in either black or colored ink, depending on the … Continue reading